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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for commonly asked questions and answers

Does Watson Finance make loans to people with bad or no credit?

We consider all applications and encourage you to apply and let us try to help.

Does Watson Finance report my credit?

Yes, we report to Equifax on a monthly basis.

Is there a penalty for early payoff?

No, we do not penalize you for paying your loan off early.

How long does it take to establish a good credit history?

Normally lenders like to see a consistent pay history, making payments on time for at least 6 months to a year will usually establish positive credit.

Which auto dealers does Watson Finance deal with?

We deal with most all dealers in the Upstate area.

Does my car have too many miles or is it too old to qualify?

We look at each application on an individual basis so it would be best to bring it by and let us try.

Do I have to have a down payment to get approved for an auto loan?

As a general rule, yes, but there are exceptions. For example, if you have another vehicle that is paid for, we might be able to use it for additional collateral in lieu of cash down.

What forms of payments are accepted at Watson Finance?

We accept cash, check, or money orders in our office or via mail. (We do not accept credit or debit cards.)

Your office is closed when I get off work, how can I get the payment in?

We have a night deposit inside our front doors that is monitored continuously by security cameras and a well-lit parking lot for after hours payments.

Do you make loans to people who live outside of South Carolina?

As a general rule we only make loans to SC residents, primarily in the upstate area.

Is there a cap on your loan amounts?

Our loans range from $600 and go up to around $10,000 but there are occasional exceptions.

We appreciate your business.

Watson Finance Co., Inc. thrives on “Local people helping local people”.

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